Thursday, 5 April 2012

All About Men’s Swimwear

Summer is approaching and it’s the season when people wear the least clothing. A lot of men spend a lot time looking for the right swimwear, but some don’t mind, thinking that they can choose anything. So, many men walk along beaches wearing their trunks, thinking that they look good. There is no disrespect intended here, but you should spend a little more time thinking about what you must wear. Men’s swimwear, after all, comes in different designs, and every man has his own unique taste. You can’t just think that because men are not as crazy as women when it comes to shopping, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a lot of time as well to consider which trunks to get. Don’t get this article wrong!

It’s absolutely necessary to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. However, this advice has limitations. The swimwear you choose defines you as a man. The most important thing is that they should look good on you. You don’t want to be the one being laughed at when you are at the beach, do you? Don’t believe the “wear what makes you comfortable” cliché anymore. You may be comfortable in tight briefs alone, but the onlookers may not be.

How Men’s Bikinis Changed

Through the years, fashion has changed. What men and women wore fifty years ago is so much different to what you see today. In the 1930s, when the world was still more conservative than liberal, men’s swimwear covered more skin. Swimming trunks a long time ago looked almost the same. But today, they come in several diverse varieties and styles, allowing men to have more choices. Makers of male bikinis have understood that men do not come in one shape. There is a specific type of swimwear for tall and thin men. There is another for chubby men.

The Importance of Wearing the Right Bikini

You may think that it doesn’t matter what kind of swimming attire you sport. But, you should also think about the reactions of ladies if they see you wearing something you look awkward in. You don’t want to hear giggles when you pass by.

Some men are particular with what’s in. They choose their attire based on the current trend. Men spending some time at the beach may wear fashionable bikinis. Are you walking along the shores in your regular briefs? Please don’t!

Fitting swimming trunks are great if you are going for a swim, because they are not heavy even when wet. Choose comfortable swimwear but not one that’s too tight. What kind should you get? Briefs are good for lap swimming and racing. But those who want a little more covering may opt for boxer briefs. Trunks, on the other hand, extend to the thighs. If you are going for a dive, you can wear leg suits.

It depends on your build.

Your body type determines what kind of swimwear is best for you. Athletic men can wear any kind. But if you are short, look for briefs with a high leg cut and a low waist band to give an illusion of longer legs and to flaunt your abs. In general, short males should avoid long shorts at the beach. Fitting briefs, on the other hand, are not too flattering for leggy men. They should wear loose-fitting shorts instead—but not too loose, of course. Chubby men should choose swimwear with small patterns. Wearing a shirt should hide the flab.